September 1, 2013

Life Goes On

I love to write, but sometimes it gets very difficult to to express what is happening in my life and the lives of those I love. When that happens, I don't write, thus the 7 month gap between post.  But I was busy, I was pregnant.

I have two new additions to my life, I recently (12 days ago recent) gave birth to identical twin girls; Marilyn and Evelyn, so now my brood is up to 5.  Yes 5 kids. I always wanted a big family. Its been rocky; good news follows bad and vice-versa.  I will expand on that in another post, but right now, I am 12 days since delivery and its the first time I have had a mind to reflect on my blessings and these two beautiful little identical angels that have come in to my life. I say identical, but we can easily tell them apart. Evelyn is half the size of Marilyn.  Unfortunately there was a knot in her umbilical cord which limited the amount of nutrients she received in the womb. So far, both are healthy and growing bigger every day, Evelyn has already gained a pound since leaving the hospital.

My older kids they have accepted them in their own way.  My eldest son who is 14 is aware but interaction is limited, I think they are still too small for him to really be interested, my eldest daughter, who is 11 has held both of the babies, seems tolerant, but my former youngest daughter, 8 was very wounded by me bringing two new babies home, its really taken her a week to start dealing with me again.

For the last 6 months I have been asked how am I going to do this. I really don't know how to answer that question. Its a really silly question so from now on the next person who ask me that I am going to say; "Oh I have a 12 point plan on how I am going to do this, would you like to review it?" I know its a little smart ass, but who cares, we all need to get our laughs in when we can.

For today, I will not worry, or get anxious, or fret. I will just be thankful and happy and blessed with my new world and its new inhabitants.