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October 9, 2012

Step Into A World......

I tend to complain a lot in my blog post. Ironically in my day to day, I rarely complain at all, preferring to allow most situations to work themselves out naturally, if possible. Writing for me is a catharsis where I can share and develop my thoughts in a way that I can't in the "real world." I realize that this blog serves as a lens into our lives so it is important for me not to overlook the 3 reasons why I actually write this blog. Many times the shear awesomeness of my kids is overshadowed by the numerous challenges we experience and my attempt to understand and overcome them. So with this post, I want to introduce you to.......the kids.

Meet "The Oldest".  He is currently engaging in 1 of 2 favorite activities - eating; the other being 1990 era Disney movie watching. And how does he watch these classics? Blu ray?  Naah, not my son, after going through countless DVD players, he decided that there is nothing quite like the beautiful winding sound of forward and reverse on a well aged VCR. Let's pray the Goodwill doesn't ever run out of VCR's and old Disney movies.
What makes The Oldest awesome?  He is a superb big brother, always looking out for the sisters and he even finds time to help me put the groceries away and vacuum occasionally. Also after eating me out of house and home he always rinses his plates (even if they are paper) and cleans and puts away his silverware and cup.

Next up is "The Diva." I love this picture of her because she has no interest in me taking her picture, but she still attempts a smile, just to make me happy. We had just taken the rollers out of her hair for massive curls. The Diva is fast approaching womanhood and she is really blossoming into a very attractive girl - God help us, to have been blessed with such beautiful kids! When not glamming it up for the camera. The Diva is tapping away on the computer, looking for the oddest uploads on YouTube and fighting everyone in the household for total domination of each media device available. The Diva is very independent and very memorable. When others barely recognize me, The Diva is always remembered and quite fondly, I might add. As mothers and daughter's often do, we butt heads due to my mistaken notion that I am actually in charge, but we always make up and The Diva is a very tender soul who manages to see individuals who might otherwise be ignored and make them feel special.

And last but certainly not least is "The Star." My sweet, attention seeking youngest is the most demonstrative out of the three.  She loves to sing and dance and act and she loves to be the center of your attention. She is empathetic and kind and lives to be in the spotlight. And if that wasn't awesome enough she is my go to girl for getting things done, but only if she feels like it. You may find her creating a crayon masterpiece on the walls of my home or rearranging my books and pictures into little neat stacks all over the floor. Barrettes and glitter, nail polish and lipstick, The Star spares nothing to create sparkle and shine. And drama, oh so much drama with this one!

And that is my crew. They look sweet, don't they?

What makes your kid awesome and how do you remind yourself not to forget it? Feel free to comment and share how you do it.
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