July 7, 2018

The Internet is Forever

Photo by Chen Hu on Unsplash
I forgot this blog existed. Four years went by and I left this space completely untouched. Have I nothing to write about? No. That is not the case. My life expanded beyond this space so much that this blog could not adequately hold my feelings and emotions. I went through identity crisis after crisis trying to figure out who I was and whether or not I had a right to speak on autism, parenting, and challenges.
My autistic children are not autistic children anymore, they are autistic teenagers. My life is just as chaotic and beautiful as its always been.
This space will always remain as a marker. I needed this space to formulate my thoughts and share my ideas with the world.
As I have matured, I don't need that anymore. I don't need my ideas validated any longer for them to be relevant. That is a good thing.

I have new plans, projects and expressions to pursue. This post acts as a formal thank you and conclusion of my past.