May 19, 2011

I miss it!!!

Its been about nine months since I last posted.... and I miss it terribly.  I miss doing the show and most of all I miss sharing things about my life through the blog and the show.  So, I decided, to start it up again!

Things will be a little different this time around.  There is a saying, about walking a mile in someones shoes and yes my feet are tired.
I have a totally different experience that I want to share with other parents.

A little re cap
I have 3 kids on the autism spectrum.  Last August, I had an epiphany of sorts, that happened to coincide with my new job.  Previously I had spent the last six years being an at home mom.  With the kids needs I found difficult to hold down a full time job.  With my youngest entering kindergarten, I thought it might be a good time to go back to work.  And it was.  Not only that I reconciled with my husband and I moved to another state.

Change, change and more change!  Surprisingly the kids handled it better than I expected.  But the road has not been without its bumps and bruises.  All detailed in my upcoming radio broadcast.
The life of working mother with kids on the autism spectrum is dramatically different than the life of mother at home.  No brainer, right?

At the onset of this shift, I had altered my long held views on autism and how I processed the children's label and abilities. Most of these realizations have not changed, instead, I would say they have been enhanced.
I am no longer the advocacy aficionado I once claimed to be.  In fact I probably need an advocate(more on that in a future post!!!!)  In the upcoming shows and post, I will be learning as much as I am facilitating.  I welcome this new role and I can't wait to get started

I have no guest planned for the next show.  It will be me in a shorter segment of time, but what I hope to share with you will hopefully be uplifting, encouraging and brutally honest.

So if anyone is still reading this blog and wants to listen to the next broadcast, welcome!

See you Sunday, time to be determined as the rules and regs of the platform I use for the show have also dramatically changed.

If one thing is constant its change, whether we like it or not.

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