August 22, 2012

"Mind Stealers from Outer Space" and other acceptable excuses for my behavior

"Mind Stealers from Outer Space" and other acceptable excuses for my behavior

I’m trying this podcasting thing out again and here’s why; I love to talk! Ask my mother and my husband, they can't get me to shut up.  For a shy person, I really have no problem talking to myself.

Since I put the show down about 2 years ago, I have really missed the interaction I have with people and the insider information I obtain as well.  When I say “insider,” I just mean insight into how other people live, think, and behave. I have had so many changes occur in the last 2 years, too numerous to mention in one post, but believe me, it will all come out in the future shows. 
This upcoming episode – “Mind Stealers from Outer Space” and other acceptable excuses for my behavior , I will be chatting about; back to school - Autism style, how to retrieve your mind from outer space, updates on me and my crew, and interesting stories from around the web.

First up to bat, I want to talk about my take on the FDA allowing trials with cord blood stem cells and individuals with Autism, I am positive it is not what you think.

Next, I want to go over the upcoming Back to School holiday. What? You didn’t know it was a holiday and my house a HOLY DAY.  Yes I will teach you about the ritual that is called Back to School – Autism Style.

And last but not least, I will discuss my previous pitiful post as well as how to properly retrieve your mind from outer space.

If you will be joining me live;
Add your point to the view by calling – 347-996-3422
Show is 30 minutes long.

You may be asking, “why the early time?”  What I did learn from two years ago is that most of you listen to the show by downloading it after the fact, so the actual live recording time is irrelevant.
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