November 15, 2009

How do I discipline my child with autism .... show resources

What a great and informative show!  If you missed it you must check it out, great advice and tips for any parent. Unfortunately we didn't get discipline, isolation, depression and other things I wanted to ask, but Maggie will be back again.

Focus on Foundations
Friends of Autism - grants up to $500

Autism A-Z
J - Joint Attention - the process by which one alerts another to a stimulus via nonverbal means, such as gazing or pointing. For example, one person may gaze at another person, and then point to an object, and then return their gaze back to the other person. In this case, the pointing person is "initiating joint attention" by trying to get the other to look at the object. The person who looks to the referenced object is "responding to joint attention." Joint attention is referred to a triadic skill, meaning that it involves two people and a object or event outside of the duo. It is well documented that infants display both types of joint attention at 9 months of age.  - Wikipedia

In the News
Study done on mothers of adolescents and adults with autism finds, "Cortisol levels were found to be significantly lower than normal, a condition that occurs under chronic stress, yielding profiles similar to those of combat soldiers and others who experience constant psychological stress."

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