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October 12, 2009

You Aut to Know! takes on the metaphysical side of Autism with upcoming guests; medium, Karen L. Garvey and intuitive Terri Jay

Forget sign language, PEC's and voice output devices; when it comes to communication, Nicole's upcoming guest use a better tool...the mind. Call in live 10/18 and 10/25 6PM EST - (347) 996-3422.

One of the hallmarks of Autism is a delay in language or no language at all. Parents continually seek hours of speech therapy, alternative communications systems and devices to give their child a voice. Some individuals with autism, never acquire the ability to speak.

On 10/18, You Aut to Know! host Nicole Flamer will interview, noted medium Karen L. Garvey of the Answer's Unlimited about how she has helped families cope and gain a global understanding of autism. After 9-11, Karen L. Garvey discovered she had a surprising “mediumship” ability. Since then, Karen has guided thousands in understanding their journey and becoming happier. Karen draws an unusual number of people who have a connection with autism (as a parent, caregiver, doctor, etc.) and as such has opened up a beneficial global understanding of autism by helping those connected to the condition through seminars, articles, and one-on-one sessions.

Understanding is beneficial, but what if you could also know what your loved one on the autism spectrum was thinking, by "other means"? Intuitive Messenger, Terri Jay is ready to facilitate that desire. On 10/25, Terri Jay will explain her unique gift of hearing non verbal communication with the You Aut to Know audience. For over 35 years Terri worked with children with disabilities. Terri eventually realized she could hear non-spoken communication. Terri uses her intuitive gift over the phone for parents of autistic children, those with a loved one in a coma, PVS, Alzheimer's, dementia, etc. Terri says, "I know there are varying degrees of being verbal so I offer this service to those whose children have very limited ability to communicate." In addition, Terri Jay also teaches people how to be more intuitive.

You Aut to Know is proud to bring both of these gifted women to you live at Call in to talk-(347) 996-3422, or submit your questions through the chat feature.

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You Aut to Know! is an interactive, live talk radio show that features Autism news, views and resources. Every Sunday at 6pm EST, host Nicole Flamer finds informative guest doing phenomenal things for the autism community and their families. Nicole also shares her unique perspective as a writer, advocate and mother of 3 children on the autism spectrum. Check out the companion blog, for updates on guest appearances and featured resources.

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