March 1, 2010

Susan Rzucidlo is Nicole's guest on You Aut to Know! - Episode Resources

Great show, please make sure to download it if you missed it.

March is Audience Appreciation Month(self proclaimed, of course!) - If you call in to the show, I am giving away a free book on autism every week to the first person to call in.  The call in number is - 1 (347) 996-3422.  The first book I am giving away is 

Next week's guest  - Psychic, Karen Garvey, joins me on You Aut to Know!

Episode Resources 

Focus on Foundations
The Golden Fund for Autism - You can register your child with autism for sponsorships or sponsor a child who has autism.

You Aut to Know 
Do Fertility Treatments Raise Autism Risk?
Maternal Response may aid Autism Language

A-Z of Autism
D - Developmental Disability - Developmental disabilities are birth defects related to a problem with how a body part or body system works.  They may also be known as functional birth defects.  Many of these conditions affect multiple body parts or systems.
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