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February 8, 2010

Continuing Education for Autism........for Parents

Continuing education in autism is not just for teachers and therapist. Every year new techniques and educational approaches are released to the public. Many promising extraordinary results and I want to know about all of them. If I could I would try them all out, each on a different kid. I like to be the person at the parent meeting that can say, "Oh yeah, I tried that with Sally and she did great" or "TimTim had modest success with that." I would if I could go to every seminar, training or workshop that was offered, or at least I used to be like that.

The last training I went to was about 9 months ago. That is not for lack of opportunity. I am very lucky to be in an area where I could attend an autism or disability related training, seminar, or talk once a week, if I wanted to...if time allowed...if I didn't have to work...if I had childcare...if I had the energy.

There are many excuses for not doing my autism continuing education, all of which are valid and similar to many other families who have a child(ren) with autism. We are not off the hook, researchers in California found that training via DVD is an effective way to convey concepts to parents on methods of dealing with their child's behaviors. Science Daily reported that;

Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara (Nicolette Nefdt, Robert Koegel, George Singer and Michael Gerber) explored whether providing training to parents through DVDs could help bridge this gap. The good news is that parents did improve their skills through watching the training videos, and there were improvements in child behavior as well.

While I find this to be great news, I have to admit that I have numerous DVD's and CD-ROM's with information that is valuable, but I somehow never quite find that 2-3 hours to watch. Sometimes the actual care and feeding of my children takes precedence and when I want to sit down and watch something it looks a little bit more like this:

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